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Compagnia Tarantarte

Nuova Danza Popolare

The Tarantarte dance company, directed by Maristella Martella, was founded in 2009 in Bologna, connecting artists with different background. Maristella Martella brings together the past with the present, classic with contemporary and traditional elements from Southern Italy with those from the Mediterranean world through the dance theatre. She does a theatrical and expressive research on Tarantism and on the mystery of trance. With the guidance of their maestro, Antonio Infantino, the company studies symbolic, iconographic, mythological and ritual aspects of Tarantism and offers its choreographic, coral, visionary and all-female interpretation.

In 2009 Tarantarte performed for the first time as a dance company at the Notte della Taranta Festival with the Taràn_danze. In 2011 the company appeared for the first time in theatre performing Taràn Tarante d'Amore di Lotta di Euforia di Trance at the Festival Oriente Occidente di Rovereto. In 2013 they presented an original choreography set to the music piece 'Fimmine Fimmine' during the final concert of the La Notte della Taranta Festival, directed by m° Giovanni Sollima. The Tarantarte dance company has been invited to participate in Premio Caruso in a prime-time television program 'Una Notte per Caruso' on Rai1. In 2013 the company made its first doc fiction KORE La danse de Perséphone, shot in the area of Capo de Leuca and directed by Azzurra Lugari (with the support of CNC Paris, France TV, prod. Oleo film). In Eglise Saint Marry in Paris they presented La Danza del labirinto. In 2014 the company put on stage Passo a Sud, with live music by Officina Zoé, at the Teatro dei Luoghi Fest di Cantieri Koreja (Lecce, Italy) and in 2015 in Teatro Karavan (Lyon, France). The performance was part of the program of the theatre season in Teatro Pubblico Pugliese 2015/2016, and it was performed in 2016 in Teatro Falaki (Cair, Egipt) with the support of Puglia Sounds e TPP. In August 2016 the company put on stage Premesse a KORE with 5 dancers in Teatro Romano di Lecce. In September 2016 the company participated in the European tour of KORE Ensemble – Mito, rituale e danza della terra di Puglia – dance and live music performance, created with the support of Puglia Sounds Export 2016 and performed in Paris (Eglise ST. Merri e FGO Barbara) and in Warsaw (Teatr Accademia). In October 2016 Tarantarte participated in ‘VERSO TERRA A chi viene dal mare’, an art project directed by Mario PERROTTA.

During the years, the Tarantarte dance company has performed in many unconventional, ancient and sometimes abandoned places, such as farms, cloisters, amphitheatres, Greek and Roman theatres and various archaeological locations, thereby activating the interaction between the place, the performance and the audience. Most evocative among them: Augusta Raurica Roman theatre (Basel), Roman coliseum in El Jem (Tunisia), Hera Temple in Metaponto (Basilicata), Cento Pietre (Patù, Le), Palazzo Marchesale (Botrugno, Le) Masseria Le Pezzate (Scorrano, Le), Palazzo San Giovanni (Alessano, Lecce), Palazzo Gallone (Tricase, Le), Ajara(Corsano, Le),  Church of Saint-Merri (Paris).

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  • Maristella Martella
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Video presentation of dance performances directed by Maristella Martella and performed by the Tarantarte dance company. Showreel created by Azzurra Lugari

La Notte della Taranta

Compagnia Tarantarte - Nuova Danza Popolare at the final concert of the “La Notte della Taranta” Festival; the orchestra conducted by Giovanni Sollima

Kore - la danse de Perséphone

Kore - la danse de Perséphone directed by Azzurra Lugari with the support of CNC Paris and France TV, prod. Oleo film (2013)


Dance and music performance inspired by Pizzica and the phenomenon of Tarantism. Dance: Compagnia Tarantarte , music: Officina Zoè
Tarantarte Company